Celebrate Attack on Titan's Completion by Showing Your "Dedicated Heart" with the Limited Edition Heart-shaped Commemorative Ring!

To celebrate the completion of the Attack on Titan manga, we are holding an online exhibition, "Attack on Titan Memorial Series," and releasing Commemorative Rings for selected characters.

*This will be an Anique-exclusive, made-to-order product.

A dedicated heart is forever.

The ring is heart-shaped to represent an unchanging dedicated heart. With its versatile unisex design, you can accessorize for any occasion.

Wings, the Insignia of Freedom.

Our rings are carefully crafted with the "Wings of Freedom" motif, wings upon which you can soar in the skies, and inlaid with natural gemstones chosen to represent the image of Eren and his comrades shining brightly eternally.

Etched into the inner band of the ring are the original serialization dates of the Attack on Titan manga (2009.9.9-2021.4.9), as well as the full name of the character represented by the ring.

The rings are offered in 3 metal variations: Sterling Silver, 10K Yellow Gold, and 10K Pink Gold.

Rings to celebrate the Survey Corps' everlasting wishes, for a limited time only. Don't miss your chance to get your hands on these Anique-exclusive made-to-order Commemorative Rings! 

Product Information:
Attack on Titan Online Exhibition Limited Commemorative Ring
(Eren / Mikasa / Armin / Jean / Connie / Sasha / Reiner / Erwin / Hans / Levi)
Sterling Silver: 19,800yen (Tax included)
Yellow Gold / Pink Gold: 48,400yen (Tax included)

Pre-Order Time Period:
June 6, 2021 to July 31, 2021 (11:59PM JST).

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