About free shipping campaign

In Anique Shop, we will carry out free shipping campaign from 12:00 June 9, 2021.

Free Shipping Campaign

Summary: The total amount of one orderMore than 12,000 yen including taxBecomePost serviceandstandard postageWe will free shipping.

How to use: On the delivery method selection screen after payment, alwaysFree Shippingplease choose.


※ Delivery overseas is not covered by campaign.
※ After ordering and settlement completion, we can not respond to the application of free shipping campaign and refund. Be sure to check that the shipping cost is free on the payment screen.
※ Order including special delivery such as framed picture and large delivery is not applicable. Please note.
※ Free shipping campaign may end without notice.
※ Order outside the campaign period is not covered by free shipping campaign.