Refund policy

Product exchange of goods sales

Although the quality of the product has fully expired, if you receive it, if you receive a scratch, dirt, or other deficiencies, you will ask you for trouble, but "Photo of defective products" and " Please present two points of the packing method to the inquiry window.

Also, if products different from the order have arrived, please provide two points of "original order product content" and "different product content" to the inquiry window.

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Returns for goods sales

  1. Due to a complete order-producing product, we do not accept returned goods, refund / cancellation by customer convenience.
  2. Returns and exchanges are not accepted for products with problems or defects.
    1. After product arrival, damage, failure, dirt, and deficiencies occur due to your responsibility.
    2. If the accessories and contents are not all at your hand.
    3. If you have expanded an extended device, replacing parts, and adjusting the product itself.