Shipping policy

Regarding Shipping

Name Price (incl. tax)
Postal Service

400 yen (nationwide, Japan only)

Normal shipping 800 yen (Okinawa: 1,400 yen)
Special shipping 3,000 yen (Okinawa: 5,400 yen)
Large-package shipping 10,000 yen each

(Revised October 31, 2021)

Regarding Postal Service Shipping

Up to 9 of these products can be included in one order.
*If you order 10 or more products or your order includes an item that cannot be shipped via the postal service, you cannot use postal service shipping.
Items that can be shipped via the postal service (mostly small items) or are eligible for special or large-package shipping (mostly framed art) will be listed in the product explanation section.

Regarding Standard Shipping

Please understand that if you order more than 100 items in one order, your order will be sent via special shipping.
Your actual shipping fees will be automatically calculated at checkout, so please confirm it then.

Regarding Orders

*The following shipping rules apply for the
Attack on Titan online exhibition.

If you make a consolidated order of items that have different shipping periods, your order will be shipped in the period for the item with the latest period.
Example: If you order Product A that ships in mid-January and Product B that ships in mid-February at the same time,both products will be shipped together in mid-February.

If you want the items that ship earlier, you will have to place separate orders. (Each order will be charged separate shipping fees.)

*These are the shipping rules from before the
Attack on Titan online exhibition.
Eligible Products:

There may be times when your separate orders are consolidated and shipped together.
Please understand that due to the products' production period and system specifications, we will still have to charge shipping for each separate order.

Example: If you order Product A in order #0000 and Product B in order #0001, you will be charged separate shipping fees for both Product A and Product B, but they may be shipped together.

Please understand that large-package shipping cannot be used to ship items to Okinawa or the outlying islands in Japan.

If you have any other questions, please send us an inquiry.

Regarding the Shipping Method

As a rule, customers cannot choose the shipping method. Also, we cannot accept any delivery date or time requests.

Regarding International Shipping Some items are eligible for international shipping. The titles that have international shipping available are below.
Titles Eligible for International Shipping
・Himouto! Umaru-Chan
・The World Ends with You: The Animation
・Attack on Titan (Until October 31, 2021)

The following countries and regions are currently supported for overseas shipping.
・Hong Kong
・South Korea
・United States
・United Kingdom

Delivery to other areas depends on the EMS delivery status. Please contact us for details.

Regarding Shipping Times

Built-to-order items have manufacturing periods after the order period.
Each product has different shipping periods, so please check the product page for more details.

Regarding Damage During Shipping
Items will be packaged carefully to avoid damaging or denting the item's packaging, but it may still be damaged after the products have been handed over to the delivery service due to trouble or other issues with the delivery service.